Alchemy for Change

"Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom"


Alchemy for change is about exploring your limiting beliefs and turning them into golden nuggets of wisdom that help you expand and grow.

When we can truly understand and digest these limiting beliefs, we create new ways of being in the world.

Sunday March 17th 9am to 4pm



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change Limiting beliefs

Alchemy Workshops

We all carry limiting beliefs- in childhood we adapt to our environment with certain behaviors and they helped us to get by because at the time, they worked. They helped us survive. Like old clothes from our childhood, these beliefs may have served us at one time but no longer fit. We have outgrown these old clothes and have different needs.

As we grow older the environment changes, and unless we recognize that these ‘clothes’ are outgrown, we stay stuck in a very narrow space until we open up these confining spaces that were the result of limiting beliefs of who we are. 

These workshops are about the magic of transforming narrow beliefs of the past into wisdom for today.

The Bee’s Knees 

The phrase "the bee's knees", meaning "the height of excellence", became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s. The Bee’s Knees cocktail is a gin, lemon and honey classic that dates back to prohibition. The phrase “bee’s knees” was prohibition-era slang for “the best.”

The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power.  Follow the bee to discover your new destination. The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolizing the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community. 

The 20's celebrated breaking out of narrow roles held by women. 

Let's reflect the 20's spirit of freedom and exploration!


About Us

Estee Huff, MA LMFT


To me therapy is about growth- the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally or spiritually. A difficulty, an anxiety, whatever it may be, is not something wrong or something that must be fixed or extinguished, but an opportunity, a seed for growth. Growth will happen because that is nature, then new possibilities will emerge.

Sara Baker, Yoga RYT 200


Sara Baker, 200hr certified yoga instructor and integrative psychotherapist, shares her unique experience from both fields to help you align with your highest path. She is an experienced yoga teacher in the Palm Springs area and has been teaching in the desert for 5 years and practicing for over 10 years. Her journey as a yogi began in college and has been a foundational part of her life ever since. She is dedicated to helping others align to their path and raise their vibration through the magic of yoga. She teaches a style of yoga which is a combination of a vinyasa, power, gentle, hot, and yin. Through her intentional words, personalized guided meditations, and deep visualizations she helps to set the tone and hold the space for a transformational experience.
“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and to endure what cannot be cured.” -B.K.S. Iyengar

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